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Unsuitable for wheelchair users

No entries on the day

No late starters

Marshals progressively withdrawn based on 12 minutes per mile, no competitors behind sweep, 4 hour limit.



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Number Transfer

A number transfer facility will be available until 9:30 am on race day. An Entrant is permitted to transfer their place to a replacement runner. The procedure on race day: Replacement runner collects the race number for the original entrant, (name and first line of the address for the original runner is required to collect race number). Replacement Runner completes an entry form (available on race day) Replacement runner tenders both completed entry form and race number to the Number Transfer desk in the Race HQ. Replacement runner receives new race number. No dialogue will be entered into if these conditions are not met. Any runners found to be wearing an ‘illegal’ number will be disqualified and their details reported to the appropriate governing bodies. This may result in disqualification from future events.

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Race Headquarters

The race headquarters will be at Lincroft Middle School, Station Road, Oakley,Bedford MK43 7RE. there is limited competitor parking at the Race Headquarters, please see Vehicle Parking. Roads will be closed in the vicinity of the race, please do not attempt to gain egress to the area through the road closure or park on the run routes.

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Race Number and Timing Chip Your race number, timing chip and baggage label will be available for collection from the Race Headquarters on race day Sunday, 18th March 2018, from 8.00am onwards. Your timing chip and baggage tag will be attached to your race number and collection points will be in alphabetical order by surname. Please arrive in sufficient time to collect your number, timing chip and baggage tag, complete your details on the reverse of the race number, attach your race number to the front of your running top, your timing chip to your running shoes and baggage tag to your bag; please remove any old number tags to avoid confusion. Ties for the running chip will be in the envelope containing your timing chip. Please display your race number on the front of your running top; please do not fold, cut, or mutilate your race number.

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Travel, Arrival & Important Vehicle Parking Information


Oakley is situated 3 miles north of Bedford just off the A6.
Race Location Map Location
From M1 - J14 follow the A509 onto A422 towards Bedford.
At Bromham pick up local signs to Oakley.
From M1 – J 13 follow the A421 and exit at the Marsh Leys Junction signed A428 Bedford & Bromham.Follow local signs to Bromham and then to Oakley.
From A421 East exit at the Marsh Leys Junction signed A428 Bedford & Bromham.Follow local signs to Bromham and then to Oakley. 

Public transport

Bedford is served by Thameslink Railway, East Midlands Trains and London Midland. Please contact the operators for timetable information. There is an infrequent bus service to Oakley. Alternatively a taxi service is available at the station for the 3mile journey.

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Vehicle Parking

Car Parking is at the rear of the school. Should capacity be reached , vehicles can also be parked at Highfield Industrial Park, thids is about a 15minute walk to Lincroft School. Vehicles and contents are left at the owner's risk. Please DO NOT Park in front of the school in Station Road or at the road junction with Reynes Drive and please ARRIVE EARLY TO AVOID DELAYS.

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Race assembly, start and finish

Runners are requested to assemble off the road in the designated area at the front of the school at 9:45am. Marshals will escort all runners to the start of the race in Station Road at 10:00am. This is a five minute walk. The finish will be in the school grounds at the rear of the school.The course is not suitable for wheelchair competitors. Late starters will not be permitted to start the race.

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Prizes and trophies

Presentation of trophies will be at 1:30pm in the Race HQ.

Trophies will be awarded as follows:

• First three men & First three ladies

• Age category trophies, one per age group, Male vets 35 to 70+ in 5 year increments. Lady vets 35 to 70+ in 5 year increments.

Trophies limited to one per person except winning team members.

• Men's & Ladies' Team prizes, 3 to score men's team, 3 to score ladies' team.

• Awards will be made on "Gun start to chip finish basis"

Winning teams calculated on cumulative race position, gender relative.

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Race results will be displayed on notice boards inside the race headquarters as soon as possible after the race. Results will also be available from the Bedford Harriers website :

Previous years' results

2016 2015 2014 2013:Race Cancelled 2012

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SMS Text Results

Where a mobile telephone number has been provided, the participants 'Gun' Start to 'Chip' Finish time will be sent immediately after the end of the race. This time should be considered as a provisional time only

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Bedfordshire AAA County Championships

All qualifying entrants are invited to compete in the Beds AAA County Championships. For qualifying conditions please click here ( (Bedfordshire County Champs)
Entry to the Bedfordshire County Championships is either on the day or as an option at the time of your online entry.
If you wish to enter on the day, please register at the County Champs desk in the Race HQ Registration for the County Champs will close at 9:30am prompt.

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Your timing chip and securing wire twists will be attached to your race number and available for collection on race day. Please attach the chip to your running shoe as per the illustration below.

•Use only the wire twists provided•

Tie chips to shoe

Do not secure using your shoe laces• No chip = no time. The chip supplied is 'live' and does not need to be further activated or processed. The chip, as you cross the start and finish lines, triggers your time and number recording. After crossing the finish line please move through the finish funnel as quickly as possible removing your chip prior to exiting the funnel. Please do not re-cross the finish line as this will interfere with the recording. Timing is both 'gun to finishing chip time' and 'chip start to chip finish'.

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Contact us entry secretary: 01234 307013

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Race massage provided by Sports Massage Bedford Pre & post race bookings taken.


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Medical attendance/emergency:

First Aid will be in available should you require any medical assistance, both mobile and at the finish. All marshals will have mobile telephones and emergency 'phone numbers should you need to summon medical assistance. If you feel unwell at any time during the event please make yourself known to marshals whilst on the course or the first aid providers if you feel unwell before or after the race. If you feel unwell between marshalling points please ask another runner to summon help on your behalf

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Litter drop zones
A litter drop zone will be available at each water station. Each litter drop zone will start 50mts before the water station and continue until 50mts past the water station. There will be signs to indicate the start and finish of the litter drop zones. Please do not drop litter outside of these zones

Yellow litter buckets
All marshals will have yellow litter buckets; please dispose of your gel wrappers and empty drinks bottles in thebuckets provided if you need to dispose of litter outside of the litter drop zones.

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Race etiquette

Please keep to the left side of the road unless directed otherwise by race marshals. Marshals have no power to stop or direct traffic therefore all runners are responsible for their own safety. Please do not wear head/earphones, as you will not be able to hear marshals' safety instructions or other warnings.

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Water stations

Water stations will be available every 3 miles.

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Are you fit to run?

It is the participants' responsibility to ensure that they are physically fit to run and have adequately prepared themselves. The website Runners' Medical Resource provides some guidance on these aspects and we strongly advise participants to visit this website.


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Accommodation & public transport

There are a number of hotels and B&Bs in and around Bedford, further information can be obtained by contacting the Tourist Information Office on telephone no. 01234 718112 or by e-mail; Accommodation information is also contained at the following website;>

Bedford is served by Thameslink Railway, East Midlands Trains and London Midland. Please contact the operators directly for timetable information. From the centre of Bedford to the race HQ is approx. 3 miles. Bus services are infrequent.

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Race Entry List

Entry list

Please click on above to view the latest entry list. Please check your details and advise us of any corrections prior to 18th March 2018. Email

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Course maps, toilets, changing, hot showers, hot & cold drinks and snacks, secure baggage storage and massage will all be available at the race HQ. Baggage storage is at owner's risk and baggage storage is for participants kit bags only. Pre and post race massage session available.

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Flushing portable cabins will be situated at the front of the race HQ. There are also a small number of toilet cubicles in the changing rooms and towards the baggage area. There are no toilet facilities at either of the car parks or on the course itself.

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Headphones, Earphones and Similar Equipment

Bedford Harriers, along with many other race organisers, has endeavoured to persuade runners not to wear headphones, earphones or similar equipment during races. These efforts have failed and consequently we have no alternative but to adopt a strict disqualification practice for any runner seen wearing headphones, earphones(including bone conducting head/ear phones)* or similar equipment. In respect of this race it is important that runners can hear the verbal warnings and instructions issued by race marshals.

. *medical or prescription device to aid hearing excepted


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Race Memento

The memento will be the traditional hoodie and available to all finishers after the race. Collection point will be in the race HQ, race number will be required at the time of collection. They will not be available before the start.

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Race Permit

This event has an Association of Running Clubs Race Permit, number ARC TBA and will be run under ARC rules

Race Permit

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Course Measurement

This event has a certificate of Course Accuracy, number 06/025 dated 16 December 2014 and issued by the Association of UK Course Measurers using IAAF procedures.

Course Measurement Certificate

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Liability Insurance cover is provided by virtue of the race permit issued by the Association of Running Clubs.


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Risk Assessment

The race Risk Assessment is continuously reviewed.

Risk Assessment Document

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Terms and Conditions
Entrants will be asked to accept the following Terms and Conditions when registering for the race.' Please accept my entry for the Bedford Harriers Oakley 20m. I accept and acknowledge that my race number and timing chip will be available for collection on race day only and I do not expect to receive any information by post. I will be 18 years or older on race day and medically fit to compete. I accept that I enter at my own risk and that the organisers will in no way be held responsible for any injury, accident, loss or damage that may arise before, during or after the event as a consequence of my participation in this race. I consent that my details will be used for the purposes described in the Bedford Harriers entry on the Data Protection Register. I will abide by the ARC Rules of Competition. I accept that there will be no refunds under any circumstances. I further agree that, in accordance with the organisers' instructions, I will not wear ear/head phones(including bone conducting head/earphones)* during the event and furthermore will park only in the designated race car park/s and or parking areas as detailed on the race website.'

*Medical or prescription device to aid hearing excepted.

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